CalltoCombat Airdrop – Claim free $CTC tokens

Join Camnang24h to review the earn money program “CalltoCombat Airdrop is worth 10 $CTC tokens for joining + 2 $CTC for every referral.” through the article below. CalltoCombat is an MMORPG Play2Earn battlefield game built on BSC, that was developed by a team consisting of core blockchain technicians as well as members of well-known casual game development companies. CalltoCombat has numerous media publications in the international press.

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CalltoCombat Airdrop – Claim free $CTC tokens

In CalltoCombat, players must free hostages and kill enemies to earn bounty points for completing levels. The player starts the game as a soldier or lieutenant and is handed real-life weapons for warfare. Each mission’s goals are displayed on the HUD compass.

$CTC tokens can be earned by players in a variety of ways, including collecting, battling, and so on. Players can challenge themselves by battling intensively in the arenas, with the different characters provided in the game. Acquiring and holding the secondary token $COMBAT allows you to earn a variety of benefits, giveaways, and Hold To Earn Rewards for Holders & Gamers.

Step by Step Guide CalltoCombat Airdrop

1. Head to the CalltoCombat Airdrop page, Connect your wallet & Click on “Begin Airdrop”

2. Join CalltoCombat on Telegram Channel & Group. Ensure to add 3 friends to the group and “Be Active on Telegram” to win up to $1000! (Round 1)

3. Complete Captcha verification from the Telegram Bot to receive a 9-Digit Launch code

4. Follow @CombatCall on Twitter & Retweet latest post @tagging 3 friends with the hashtags #CALLTOCOMBAT #CTC #AIRDROP #BSC #NFT #GAME

5. Subscribe to the CalltoCombat YouTube channel & Like and comment on this Video

6. Go to the Coinmarketcap page & Add the $CTC token to your watchlist & Leave a good comment on the CMC chat

7. Refer friends to earn 2 $CTC tokens from each invitation.

* Your $CTC tokens will be sent to your connected wallet after the review is successful. Airdrop distribution can take up to 72 Hours & Tokens are locked until the end of the IGO sale.

* Early adopters of $CTC will be rewarded handsomely by the ecosystem as a whole. There is a reward system in place for players who bring in new friends and spread the word about the game.

Overview CalltoCombat

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  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:


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