General bulletin of financial and cryptocurrency markets on June 10

Join Camnang24h to review some general news on the financial market and cryptocurrency on June 10 through the article below.

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  • BTC: $26400
  • Total Market Cap: $1,095,006,966,459

1. CFTC wins Ooki DAO case, setting precedent that DAO could be held liable.

2.Robinhood stopped supporting the Solana, Polygon, Cardano blockchains from June 27 amid the SEC crackdown.

3. Failed exchange FTX has received court permission to remove customer names from all bankruptcy filings.

4. The US Department of Justice charged 2 Russian citizens with laundering more than 640,000 BTC stolen from Mt Gox.

5. After completing Bedrock upgrade, Optimism DEX gas save more than 50% compared to before upgrade including: Mint NFT, Trade NFT, perpetual contract…

6. Vitalik said that without completing three transitions, Ethereum will fail, including: L2 rate transition, Wallet security transition, Privacy transition.

7. exchange no longer provides services to customers and institutions in the United States from June 21.

8. CZ retweeted the article with the title ”Gensler can destroy the US crypto industry, but he can’t kill crypto”.

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