General bulletin of financial and cryptocurrency markets on June 8

Join Camnang24h to review some general news on the financial market and cryptocurrency on June 8 through the article below.

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  • BTC: $26459
  • Total market capitalization: : $1,101,623,136,678

1. Gary Gensler signed up as an advisor to Binance in 2019 before becoming SEC Chairman, court filings say.

2. Binance US lost $181 million in 2022, court filings reveal.

3. Coinbase has no plans to delist crypto tokens accused by the SEC of being securities and does not end staking services.

4. Binance US will delist about 100 trading pairs and has halted OTC trading(Only selected trading pairs Advanced trading will be affected.) Link check ( /hc/en-us/articles/15133607064983-Binance-US-Will-Remove-Select-Trading-Pairs-Has-Paused-OTC-Trading)

5. Elizabeth Wong, head of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission, said that “supporting tokenization”, SFC will continuously revise and develop policies to help retail investors better access to cryptocurrency investments.

6. ENS announced .box, which is the first Blockchain’s native DNS routable TLD and it is enabled through ENS.

7. According to Lookonchain, Cumberland, one of the largest market makers, withdrew between 20,000 and 4,850 ETH from Coinbase and Binance.

8. Aave has made an ARFC proposal for the launch of the native stablecoin GHO on the Ethereum mainnet.

9. The SEC issued a civil subpoena to CZ, asking the plaintiff to respond to the complaint within 21 days- CZ replied that it was only part of the SEC compliance process and that he did not must appear in person.

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