General bulletin of financial and cryptocurrency markets on May 25

Join Camnang24h to review some general news on the financial market and cryptocurrency on May 25 through the article below.

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1. Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis says there will be no central bank digital currency (CBDC) if he wins the 2024 election.

2. Multicoin leads $2.3 million deal with VC FastLane, continues to bet on MEV infrastructure.

3. According to Bloomberg, the Supreme Court of Montenegro has overturned an earlier decision allowing Do Kwon to be released on bail. Do Kwon faces five years in prison for forging documents. South Korea and the United States are both seeking extradition.

4. Fantom Foundation wallet has withdrawn 449,740 MULTI (2.4 million USD) liquidity from SushiSwap. There are rumors in the community that the Multichain team has been investigated.

5. The developer of Tornado Cash faces money laundering charges in the Netherlands.

6. The Japanese government decided to implement anti-money laundering measures to track crypto asset transactions from June 1.

7. US Treasury sanctions North Korean-owned Binance wallets.

8. CFX dubbed “Chinese Ethereum” is in the spotlight as Hong Kong opens up to retail crypto trading.

9. Uniswap is voting to test the support of V3 implementation for Fantom Chain.

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