General bulletin of financial and cryptocurrency markets on May 26

Join Camnang24h to review some general news on the financial market and cryptocurrency on May 26 through the article below.

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  • BTC: $26400
  • Total Market Cap: $1,108,303,459,060

1. Elon Musk’s Neuralink receives FDA approval to launch human brain chip.

2. Germany officially entered recession in the first quarter of 2023 with negative GDP growth for 2 consecutive quarters.

3. Paradigm, the most prominent Crypto VC, is focusing on the “frontier” AI segment. This VC removed the web3 item mention from the front page of the site earlier this month.

4. Tools for Humanity, the company that developed Worldcoin, announced the completion of a $115 million Series C round led by Blockchain Capital, with participation from a16z, Bain Capital Crypto and Distributed Global.

5. WEF publishes crypto-asset regulatory recommendations for government, industry.

6. The amount of Ethereum on the exchange has dropped to a 5-year low.

7. Binance NFT Marketplace Launched NFT Lending Function, Now Supports BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, and Doodles.

8. Multichain says some crosschain routers are unavailable due to force majeure. Founder Zhaojun could not be reached and is suspected of being investigated.

9. Hong Kong users can buy, sell and convert 16 major virtual assets through the OKEX app, including BTC, ETH and several others. Tokens can be purchased using HKD, peer-to-peer (P2P), or via ApplePay, Visa and Mastercard through third-party vendors.

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