Overview of Unilaunch Launchpad Platform, Ecosystem and UNL token

Join Camnang24h to learn about Unilaunch Launchpad Platform projects such as solution, ecosystem, and UNL token through the article below. In this article, I will learn with you what is the IDO Launchpad Unilaunch platform? Benefits of using Unilaunch, Unilaunch’s ecosystem, and UNL token.

Although it is a new IDO Launchpad platform in the cryptocurrency market, the name Unilaunch is attracting a lot of attention from crypto investors and project owners. So in this article, I will help you learn more about Unilaunch.

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What is Unilaunch?

To put it simply, Unilaunch is a decentralized ecosystem whose key is Uni launchpad – a new generation IDO platform that helps projects to have enough resources to launch, raise funds, and approach investors in an innovative, safe, transparent, and efficient way. Anyone can join IDO without having to hold UNL Token and KYC.

Overview of Unilaunch Launchpad Platform and UNL token

What problems does Unilaunch solve?

For Project owners lack resources and experience: Many current projects cannot survive for long or even call for capital, the reason is that most project owners lack experience, knowledge, and resources. channel to reach and develop users.

For Investor: To be able to buy IDO on major launchpads, users need to stake a large enough amount of tokens to have the right to buy IDO – let alone buy IDO. The appraisal of IDO projects is also decided by the launchpads, there may be good projects, and there may be bad projects.

Unilaunch mission is to overcome emerging issues of safe investment and ensure the interests of investors and project owners.

Unilaunch’s solution

Towards the new generation launchpad model, Unilaunch provides a variety of outstanding features that allow project owners to keep complete control over their project while giving features and utility to every investor.

Next-gen features:

  • Share to earn System: Building a sustainable marketing network to support projects both pre-and post-IDO through sharing about on-launch projects.
  • Avatar System: Each NFT Avatar represents a user to join our private group to receive low-priced purchases and detailed information on projects.
  • Ads Banner Bidding: This is a series of special advertising campaigns on the Unilaunch.app. The project owner needs to bid to get the banner position.
  • Voting System: Allow the community to vote and evaluate the project. The ranking of the project depends on these 2 factors.

Premium features

  • Multichain Launchpad: Creating tokens, launching seed rounds, private/public sales for projects on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon,…
  • Trending bar: Shows the project that is most interesting in 24 hours, allowing users to find potential projects quickly and conveniently.
  • Notification System: Notify users before the project’s opening time and avoid missing golden investment opportunities.
  • Scam Report: Allows users to report projects with signs of scams to Unilaunch’s admins.

Benefits of using Unilaunch platform

Benefits of using Unilaunch platform

For project owners

  • All-in-one launchpad
  • Multichain Launchpad
  • Tier-Less System
  • The cost is cheaper than other launchpad
  • Simple registration process
  • Incubator for potential projects
  • Suitable for small and medium projects
  • Full support before, during, and after IDO
  • Providing consulting and marketing services at the lowest cost but most effective.

For investors

  • No UNL token holding required to receive an allocation
  • Simple buying process
  • Commit to high profits when holding native tokens
  • Guarantee capital and profit for investors
  • Calendar integrated to not miss any presales
  • Easy-to-use website UI
  • The avatar system allows users to get exclusive privileges
  • Share-to-earn model offers monetization option
  • No KYC

Unilaunch’s ecosystem

Is not just limited to a launch pad, Unilaunch develops a comprehensive ecosystem, providing total solutions to create convenience for investors as well as project owners. All solutions from IDO Launchpad, UniFarm, UniPool to Incubation are integrated into their ecosystem.

  • Uni Launchpad: Platform connects carefully selected and groundbreaking blockchain projects with crypto.
  • Uni NFT Marketplace: It is a physical NFT marketplace where users trade actively in a decentralized manner.
  • Uni Swap: The platform supports swap tokens with high liquidity, all transactions are autonomous and decentralized.
  • Uni Pool: Users can stake UNL tokens on Uni Pool and earn more tokens easily. Your reward is based on how much and how long you bet.
  • Uni Farm: Allows users to farm UNL tokens. Raising profits is similar to stake in that you lend your crypto through smart contracts to different projects and get rewards.
  • Uni Incubation Hub: Provides marketing packages, in-depth consulting such as strategic, product, expanding partnerships …

Utility System

  • Token Creation
  • Private sale Creation
  • Fair Launch Creation
  • Presale Creation
  • Airdrop Creation
  • Token Vesting System
  • KYC and Audit
  • Dapp + Web Developer
  • Liquidity Lock

UNL Token

Unilaunch also offers its own token called UNL. This token is a BEP-20 token because it works on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Token Distribution

  • Public Sale (IDO): 15%
  • Staking: 7%
  • Rewards: 16%
  • Team And ADv: 20%
  • Liquidity & Exchange: 18%
  • Marketing: 24%



  • Team building
  • Market Research
  • UI/UX Design DApp
  • Website Launch (testnet)


  • Official Launch (Mainnet)
  • Support Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avax, Cronos
  • Marketing and Partnership
  • Unilaunchpad
  • Uni Incubation


  • Uni Pool
  • Uni Farm
  • Uni Swap
  • Update new features


Through the above article, you must have had an overview of the Unilaunch platform, the Unilaunch ecosystem and the UNL token. Hope this article brings useful information to those who are looking for information. Have a nice day.

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