UniLaunch – IDO Launchpad platform that makes it easy for projects to open pre-sale

Creating a launchpad has never been easier on Unilaunch. UniLaunch – IDO Launchpad platform makes pre-sale projects easy with just a few basic steps.

With the constant proliferation of new trends in the crypto market, Unilaunch has seen a significant increase in the number of projects looking to enter this potential market.

Aiming to build a bridge between excellent ideas but having difficulty raising capital and investors looking for opportunities to be a part of growing projects, Unilaunch was born to bring a brand new way of approaching the market for project owners as well as the fair, safe and transparent one for investors. Unilaunch will be a safe and unique destination for project owners and investors to grow, get rich and become the very first element of the potential financial market together.

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The Power of a Decentralized Launchpad – Unilaunch

Unilaunch has a decentralized launchpad with features distinct from the currently prevailing centralized launchpads. Currently, most such platforms are centralized, meaning that a small group of people control the project’s fate on the launchpad.

These tend to have many entry barriers, including project discrimination. However, the decentralized launchpad introduced by Unilaunch will help many teams launch their products. It does not discriminate against projects, as they are not required to KYC.

UniLaunch is a place to connect carefully selected and groundbreaking blockchain projects with cryptocurrency investors, providing a convenient, transparent and secure mechanism for raising capital, investing and distributing tokens.

Users can start a Presale on the UniLaunch platform to build liquidity with the token generated from UniLaunch or the one from an outside developer. It’s free and easy to add more information, update and manage the Presale Launch on UniLaunch.

UniLaunch – IDO Launchpad platform that makes it easy for projects to open pre-sale

Unilaunch’s Tiers

Standard Tier:

This is a Tier for common token sales of projects that want to quickly reach investors. No requirements, anybody can create their own token launchpad for reaching millions of users.

Privileges provided:

  • Create your own launchpad
  • No complicated KYC and Audit process needed
  • Simple registration process

Professional Tier: This is the Tier of reputable projects being audited and passed the KYC round of Unilaunch. The long-term support especially before and after launch support will be integrated.

Privileges provided:

  • Free consultation service
  • VCs and other launchpads connecting
  • AMAs in the official Telegram Group of Unilaunch
  • Promotion on official Twitter & Telegram Group of Unilaunch
  • Shown in the Professional list separately on the platform.

UniLaunch allows project owners to keep complete control over their tokenomics while giving features and utility to every investor.

Project appraisal process:

  • Project owner KYC
  • Pitch deck analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Token metric analysis
  • Project roadmap analysis
  • First call with Project owner
  • Contract signing and project support implementing

Not only being an all-in-one project that provides many services for small and medium-sized projects in the crypto space but UniLaunch also focuses on developing the outstanding features, in order to optimize the strengths of the crypto project in the UniLaunch ecosystem.

How to create a launchpad/Presale on Unilaunch?

How to create a launchpad/Presale on Unilaunch?

Follow the following steps to create a launchpad on Unilaunch:

  • Step 1: Go to the Unilaunch website at Unilaunch.app, click on Create Presale on the left Menu bar
  • Step 2: Approve token. Enter your token address and click on the Approve button. Select Confirm to give permission to access the wallet from the Metamask pop-up window
  • Step 3: Presale Information. Fill out the Presale information. Note: Presale minimum time is 24 hours
  • Step 4: Project Information. Add project links, description and select your project’s Tier
  • Step 5: Submit your Presale. Select Confirm to sign the transaction from the Metamask pop-up window

Creating a launchpad has never been easier on Unilaunch. Create your own launchpad now!


The Defi system is being built by the Unilaunch team and is about to launch a series of unique applications. Not only limited to a launch pad, but Unilaunch also develops a comprehensive ecosystem, providing total solutions to create convenience for investors as well as project owners. All solutions from IDO Launchpad, UniFarm, and UniPool to Incubation are integrated into Unilaunch’s ecosystem.

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