Unios – The best collection of NFTs on Unilaunch’s Solona Blockchain

Unios is the best NFT collection of 5555 unique avatars on Solona Blockchain that can be bought, traded, and minted with the biggest utilities in the UniLaunch Ecosystem.

What is Unios NFT? 

Unios – representative of Unilaunch is an item in an incredible NFT collection of 5555 unique NFT avatars on Solana Blockchain inspired by powerful unicorns.

The collection includes exotic Avatars that are made up of hundreds of innovative traits. Distinctive vibrant colors and styles make each Unios one of a kind and also help determine its rarity.

Unios - The best collection of NFTs on Unilaunch's Solona Blockchain

The highlight of the Unios is that it is more than just an NFT collection. If you own an Unios NFT, you are eligible to become an exclusive member of the VIP Group to gain some distinct perks such as IDO allocations, airdrops, in-person events, Share-to-earn rewards, and more.

No two Unioses are alike, you are unique in Unilaunch’s ecosystem.

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Unios NFT

What makes Unios unique?

  • Scarcity: The Avatar system provides users with a limited number of 5555 Unios Avatars. So no matter how many copies of Unios appear, those are not NFT. 
  • Uniqueness: Each individual Avatar is entirely unique. Since no two Unios Avatars are alike, there is always something unique for you in the large ecosystem. 
  • Productive investment: NFT holders can earn through various perks. Besides, the rarity has helped drive up the price and demand for NFTs. Users can consider buying NFTs as a type of long-term investment.
  • NFT Tiers: The Avatars are divided into several ranks with different perks. The higher the rarity of the Avatar users owns, the more income. (Common: 1.5x, Rare: 2x, Elite: 3x).

Unios Holders Benefits

With Unios, users feel secure and get full facilities when stepping into Unilaunch’s diverse ecosystem.

  • Guaranteed Allocation: Avatar Holders will have a guaranteed allocation for all IDO events without worrying about being whitelisted for tiered sales. 
  • Community Perks: Avatar owners can join our private group, receive low-priced purchases, and get the earliest updates on market trends, …
  • Share-to-earn Rewards: A vault where Avatar holders can get passive income rewards by sharing a post assigned by UniLaunch. The more posts they share, the more they earn.
  • Governance: NFT holders can exercise voting rights on key elements such as upcoming events, and prioritized features on the Roadmap.
  • Staking: Holders can earn weekly rewards by staking NFTs. The more NFTs staked, the more passive income increases.

Unios NFT supply 

Unios NFT supply 

Unios NFT Distribution

Unios NFT supply 

Upcoming events – Unilaunch Public Mint

Unilaunch is a collection of 5555 NFT that will be minted on Aug 26, 2022. Detail: 

  • August 25 – 4:00 PM (09:00 UTC)
  • Items available: 5555 items
  • Start price: 2.5 SOL

Unilaunch has just been featured on Magic EdenNextDropMoonlyNFTeveningUpcomingNFTNFTCalendarNFTfeed

Please follow Unilaunch’s official channels to be updated with the latest information about the Public Mint event.

About Unilaunch

Unilaunch is a decentralized platform that supports users and startups through the steps of a perfect process of building tokens and related utilities. Specifically, Unilaunch allows users to create their own token, generate initial liquidity, and launch the initial token sale. Our user-friendly UI makes the procedure simple and more straightforward than ever, even for crypto newbies.

Towards the new generation launchpad model, decentralized launchpad combines an innovative model – Share to earn to support the development of projects launching on the platform. With the share-to-earn model, the more the participants shares, the higher the income. Therefore, the community as well as KOLs will always be active in continuously earning. This is one of the reasons why tokens have a steady buying force.

For more information on Unilaunch, please check out their official channel: 

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