What Is Compound Meta? What Makes COMA Unique?

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What is Compound Meta?

Compound Meta is a metaverse for the future generation of cryptocurrency space. COMA is the first holder-centered multiple product in 1 Metaverse including Compound interest, Negative tax, P2E Metaverse game, Coin Flip, Swap, Staking and Wallet on Binance Smart Chain.

  • Negative Tax: Investors instantly earn 1.5% $COMA bonus after buy transaction when paying only 1% Buy Tax.
  • Profit Sharing: All the Buy Tax is converted to $BUSD and distributed to all holders each 24 hours.
  • Multi-in-one ecosystem for MULTIPLE earnings: COMA utilities including P2E Metaverse Game, Coin Flip, Wallet, Swap and Staking are ready to help users earn.

What Is Compound Meta?

Compound Meta (COMA) intro video

Vision & Mission by Compound Meta (COMA)


Web3 is developing day by day with preeminent features that are user-centered. However, more and more investment risks emerge as investors are faced with falling token prices resulting in a loss of investment or even by being scammed.

In the bear market, we realized a plan to optimize investor protection is needed and COMA was born. Our users will get negative tax after the transaction instead of waiting for trading to earn. In order to maintain sustainability and future growth, we have introduced a compound Interest solution that will award $COMA token holders with continued compound interest in perpetuity.


Our team aims to make this project lead the next trend on the Binance Smart Chain. In other words, we are aiming for a project that is able to break the limits of the conventional metaverse and utility platform to lead the future of the blockchain space. To make life easier for crypto investors, we’re introducing the COMA ecosystem which rewards holders of $COMA with automatic stable returns.

Optimizing the benefits for users is our ultimate mission to develop the biggest crypto ecosystem ever. Join the revolution in the most innovative protocol and secure your financial future.

Enter the bear market: COMA Plan

The goal of Compound Meta is to protect our investors with the holder-centered ecosystem.

  • To achieve that, we are ready for the bear market with the COMA Plan:
  • The product is the king. We are building real products that benefit users truly. Specifically, P2E Game Beta Test Version, Swap Testnet, Flip Coin and Staking are ready to go live.
  • A Strong business model is our strength. The benefit of holders comes FIRST. We give negative tax, profit sharing, compounding interest between products, and a tight, anti-inflation mechanism. We are also developing partnerships with other projects.
  • Everything is for the community. We let our community Vote, Raise voices in our private DAO. We are also scheduling an AMA tour, contests and events to reward members.

How to earn with Compound Meta (COMA)?

When you invest in our Metaverse, investors can both entertain and earn with DIVERSE SOURCES OF INCOME:

Buy to earn – Rewarding

Users will be rewarded $COMA on every buy transaction and $BUSD for the long-term token holding.

Buying Reward

  • For each buying transaction made, investors will get a bonus 1.5% tokens back.
  • This 1.5% will be taken from COMA’s Reward Pool which accounts for 30% of the Total Supply and is filled regularly from fees of utilities in the COMA ecosystem including Staking, Swap, Wallet, and the P2E game. This reward will be distributed in $COMA. The more you buy, the more free tokens you earn.

Holding Reward

  • 1% buy tax which gets converted into $BUSD rewards for all holders.
  • Based on the number of token holders and the number of tokens each holds, this 1% will be divided equally among the holders. Holders will receive it daily. What holders need to do is go to the website and claim the reward after each 24 hours.

Staking – Compound Interest

Users can stake $COMA to get compound interest ( APR up to 1000%), be a part of DAO with exclusive opportunities.

Our ecosystem gives the COMA token automatic staking options and compounding features including BUSD Reflection and the high fixed APR level in the market; at the same time, we reward holders of $COMA with stable returns, especially automated yields and passive income on all auto-staked $COMA. It is guaranteed that the COMA token never leaves your wallet.

How does Compound Interest work?

1% buy tax will be converted into $BUSD, then added to our BUSD reward pool and sent to all $COMA holders every 24 hours as a holding reward. At the same time, investors can also earn passive income by Staking $COMA.

Flip to earn

One of our utilities is Coin Flip platform – a kind of draw game. It allows users to bet $COMA or $BNB by playing Head or Tail to DOUBLE the bet instantly with 50/50 winning probability.

Treasury Pool is public, everything is fair on an open-source smart contract.

Coin Flip is ready for the schedule to launch following our Roadmap.

Play to earn

COMA Metaverse Game is the ingenious combination of the Free-to-play & Win-to-Earn mechanisms, Metaverse, NFTs, built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Join COMA Metaverse Game to earn prizes every day, players just need to own NFT and join the battle with other players.

The prizes (token and NFT) can be sold in multiple marketplaces. They can be sold in the In-Game NFT Marketplace or many popular NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea.

Play to earn by Compound Meta (COMA)

Mint NFTs to earn

The NFT character collection for the P2E Metaverse Game is being created.

An NFT character is required to start playing 1v1 battles in our Metaverse Game.

Users can mint NFTs to earn token rewards by fighting in the game or earn by trading on the NFT marketplace. The higher level of the NFT, the higher the value!

What Makes Compound Meta (COMA) Unique?

Among many projects that springs up in the crypto space every day, we need quality projects that truly bring returns to investors as well as contribute to the future of cryptocurrency.

We are here to secure your investment and protect savvy investors with groundbreaking mechanisms in taxes and rewards.

Let’s find out now!

1. Negative Tax: Buy Tax -0.5%

Buy Tax: 1% Negative Tax: -0.5%

‘1% buy tax but 1,5% back to the wallet’. Paying only 1% buy tax, buyers even receive a 1.5% bonus into their wallet on each buy transaction, inferring $COMA buyers get negative tax – 0.5% instantly.

Moreover, we don’t keep your buy tax. The 1% buy tax is converted to $BUSD for our $BUSD pool to distribute to all holders each 24 hours as a holding reward, so totally, $COMA holders will receive NOT just the Negative tax -0.5% but more money for just holding it. The more you buy, the more free tokens you earn.

Sells tax: 2%

The ultimate aim is not for the team but to promote token-holding motivation, because half of the total sales tax (1%) is for buyback and burn and the other half (1%) is for Marketing.

2. Compound Interest (Reward)

Not only get rewards on every buy but users are also rewarded for holding and staking our tokens.

1% buy tax will be converted into $BUSD and sent to all $COMA holders every 24 hours as a holding reward. At the same time, investors can also earn passive income by Staking $COMA.

Specifically, the ecosystem profits will also be returned to the holders. In addition, a part of the Swap exchange fee will be transferred to the reward pool for users.

3. Comprehensive Ecosystem

Compound META is a comprehensive ecosystem with diverse products including Swap, Staking, DEX/CEX Exchange, and the RPG Metaverse Game.

The products are ready to launch in the near future. These products are key nodes in the new generation metaverse ecosystem as well as our revenue flow.

Invest your cryptocurrencies in innovative projects with the all-in-one ecosystem on our smart contract protocol. COMA ecosystem lets you earn higher rates and build a diversified portfolio securely, clearly, and instantly, all for a fraction of the cost. No more risks or scams, just quality investments, and investments that last.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

4. NFT Rewards

Every investor who contributes 1 BNB or more in our Presale will receive one limited NFT character depending on the multiple of BNB invested.

This feature is exclusively for our Presale investors.

The Metaverse game featuring NFT will be soon launched in our Phase 3. To participate in P2E battles, users need to buy NFT characters.

5. DAO

COMA DAO aims to empower holders to have a voice, a vote, and the power to make decisions in a completely transparent and decentralized organization.

The founding team will be the earliest participants of COMA DAO. Investors who buy $COMA in Presale will be especially involved in joining with many attractive privileges. In the future, we will gradually expand to holders, gamers, and users etc. And finally, holders will become the governance of the protocol along with the founding team.

The privileges can be mentioned as free token, voting, whitelisted for other team token/NFT launches, early access to invest in other projects and other privileges on the Compound META Ecosystem.


Token holders have the right to vote on the future plan of the project. The DAO will calculate the ownership of the entire DAO according to the amount of token owned by the participants, and then distribute the decision-making power proportionally. Voting will be granting our users the following rights:

  • How should COMA schedule the events
  • Which partners should COMA connect in the future
  • How should COMA grows in the future
  • Version updates of projects and products
  • Development of technologies
  • Governance structure

6. Deflation

The COMA ecosystem is a new blockchain platform for the common good, with one of its most exciting features being an automatic token burn system.

The Burning will only remove a certain amount of tokens from circulation, and can be monitored by the public in real time. In particular, part of the profits and platform fees (Staking and Swap) will be used to buy back the tokens and burn, which will help token price to soar. Specifically, the $COMA sell tax is 2%, of which 1% is used for Marketing, 1% is used to BUY BACK and BURN.

It is obviously a special feature in COMA which prevents a dump in price. This crucial knot definitely has a place in our Anti-Dump plan.

7. Partnership

Our policy is to expand our network of cooperation.

We are constantly expanding our partnerships with other projects and famous influencers. This is the key to building a long-term development project and achieving great success. A part of the ecosystem profit will be considered to share with partners.

Compound Meta (COMA) Ecosystem

The ecosystem with mutual support between utilities

The COMA ecosystem is purpose-built to provide a holistic environment for participants. As a result, each person will experience extremely useful, profitable, and complementary utilities.

In our ecosystem, users have many sources of revenue from many products. The profit of users of multiple products at the same time can be multiplied even more.


For convenient currency exchange, we have made a COMA Swap – you can connect your wallet and perform all the necessary actions in the app.

COMA Swap is a decentralized exchange developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform that allows you to exchange tokens with low gas fees. The swap will also include limit orders, stop losses, and more functions.

This entire swap fee will be added to the reward pool for buyer/holder and auto-buyback to burn $COMA tokens. We believe that the swap will highly benefit the project and holders.

How does COMA Swap work?

COMA Swap connects with PancakeSwap via smart contracts and executes transactions in a decentralized and autonomous manner without having any control panel.


$COMA holders will also be able to stake their tokens to get passive income. This is also an innovative mechanism that helps holders to receive compound interest.

Staking Reward will come from a Staking pool of 15% total supply. A part of the fee will be used to buy back and burn and distribute to our stakers.

Stakers will receive various benefits from the staking pool. Namely, passive income, be a part of DAO with exclusive opportunities, voting, weekly airdrop, priority whitelisted for new team token/NFT launches, and many other privileges.

The staking ecosystem comprises of:

  • Staking Fee: 2%
  • Early Unstaking Fee: 10% (2% buyback and burn, 8% send back to Reward pool)

Staking Pool will be released right after the Presale ends. Holders can stake $COMA tokens to get compound interest.



COMA Metaverse Game integrates the Free-to-play & Win-to-earn mechanisms.

COMA P2E Metaverse Game will be released in the near future. This is an AAA game developed by Unreal Engine 5, bringing great visual and smooth experience to players. It is a combination of power and ability that will help you get some money.

COMA Metaverse will be fun and challenging. We plan to have a combination of action RPG and a dynamic NFT trading economy that will keep players engaged. Players will participate in fierce solo battles, the winner will earn money. To participate, players need to buy NFT characters. Players can play with people and friends online in exciting matches and win Crypto prizes!

P2E GAME of Compound Meta (COMA)


COMA Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet used to support the storage and management of coins/tokens for users, allowing them to have full control of their assets.

We will release the COMA Wallet mobile application to make it more convenient for users to use. COMA wallet will support the management of ERC-20, BEP-20 tokens and will expand other Blockchain in the future.

Advantages of COMA Wallet:

  • Allows users to use tokens stored right on the wallet to staking, trading or participating in games integrated on the wallet.
  • Storing with private key on user devices, we do not control anything of users.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly interface, can trade conveniently on PC and mobile phone.
  • Supports more than one token with different blockchains.
  • Users are in full control of their cryptocurrency, trading anywhere, anytime.



Coin Flip is a utility that follows the current rising trend Flip-to-Earn, allowing users to both entertain and earn money easily and quickly.

Users can bet $COMA or $BNB by playing Head or Tail to DOUBLE the bet instantly with a 50/50 winning probability anytime. Treasury Pool is public, everything is fair on an open-source smart contract.

We will charge a 5% fee for each win, this fee will be used to buy back and earn for the purpose of stabilizing the token price.

How to play?

  • Connect Wallet
  • Select ‘Head’ OR ‘Tail’
  • Select a Bet Value and approve the transaction from your wallet
  • Wait for the result

If you win, you get double the bet. The money will be instantly sent to your wallet.

If you lose, you lose the bet.

Bet your luck with a tiny amount of $COMA first and go to the moon then, why not?

COIN FLIP of Compound Meta (COMA)

Compound Meta (COMA) Tokenomics

1. Token Info

  • Name: Compound Meta
  • Symbol: COMA
  • Total supply: 10,000,000
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

2. Token Distribution

Liquidity: 15%

  • Presale: 30%
  • Reward: 25%
  • Marketing: 5%
  • Staking: 15%
  • CEX: 5%
  • Partnership: 5%

Token Flow

The Investor-centered Token Flow:

The Investor-centered Token Flow Compound Meta

Token Use Case

Incredible use cases of the COMA token:

  • COMA as the ecosystem token
  • Fees of trading token
  • The rewards for holders
  • Passes to access DAO
  • By buying COMA, tax paid will be distributed in BUSD
  • By holding a COMA token, the holder is allowed to participate in the governance of the ecosystem and given access to voting rights
  • Reward in game


  • Buy Tax: 1% (converted to BUSD to reward holders)
  • Sell Tax: 2% ( 1% for Marketing and 1% for Buy-back & Burn)
  • Negative Tax: -0.5% (Buyers even receive a 1.5% bonus in token on each buy transaction)

Roadmap of Compound Meta (COMA)

The development plan and Goals

Phase 1

  • Project Brainstorming
  • Build Core team
  • Release Website
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Deploy token
  • Develop Staking and Swap

Phase 2

  • Build Community
  • Pre-Launch Marketing
  • PinkSale Presale
  • Launch on PancakeSwap
  • CMC and CG Fast Tracking
  • Release COMA Swap Testnet version
  • Release Staking
  • Release Coin Flip
  • P2E Game Beta Version

Phase 3

  • Reach 10K holders
  • CEX Listing
  • Release COMA Wallet
  • Release P2E Game

Follow us Compound Meta (COMA):

🌐 Website: https://compoundmeta.app/

📱 Telegram Ann: https://t.me/compoundmeta_ann

🦜 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CompoundMeta

▶️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@compoundmeta

⭕️ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/compoundmet

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